Upcoming Concerts

August 19 at the Watertown Arts Market

Main Stage, 1-2 PM
Filippello Park
191 Grove Street
Watertown, Massachusetts

September 30 at Brookline Porchfest

One hour between 12-6 PM
11 Milton Road
Brookline, Massachusetts

Willow Flute Ensemble - and our friends!

  • Ilona Kudiņa, Music Director
  • Martha Beesley, C flute, bass flute
  • Anne Carr, C flute, alto flute
  • Jen Kramer, C flute, bass flute
  • Keiki Kunitoki, C flute, bass flute
  • Jennifer Lehman, C flute, alto flute
  • Elise Locker, piccolo, C flute, bass flute
  • Rebecca M. Makara, C flute, alto flute
  • Kathryn Sheehan, C flute, bass flute
  • Philip Trackman, C flute, alto flute

  • Margaret Gagnon, C flute
  • Mariellen Sears, C flute
  • Kristen Turner, C flute, piccolo